The white Villages


White Villages
The central part of Lanzarote is kind of a forgotten place for walkers and yet it has very interesting walks. Before the advent of tourism, the island’s economy was closely linked to agriculture and villages such as Tiagua, the granary of Lanzarote, was the epicenter of this activity and also a very important trading center for the inhabitants of every corner of Lanzarote.

Walking through the picturesque traditional white villages of Lanzarote we will discover how the farmers managed to get their crops from these thirsty lands in the most diverse ways, going back in the fascinating history of the island.

An interesting and relaxing walk into Lanzarote’s past as we take in some of the island’s best views.


  • Guided walk
  • 11.3 km long tour with 309 altimeters
  • small snacks
  • transfer

Meeting point :
11.3 km, duration 4.5 hours
(minimum 2 people)
Difficulty: Low

Total: 49
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1 day
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Day Excursion
The white villages E

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