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Discover the Canary Islands like you've never seen them before

Hop on, Hop off over de Canary Islands

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

Island hopping to all the Canary Islands

A street musician said: ‘These islands are like ice creams; they are all tasty, but each has its own taste.

Are you 25 or 65? Nature lover, peace seeker, hiker or adventurer?
Something for everyone! We are naturally enthusiastic about everything ourselves. We cycled, enjoyed the authentic potter, climbed volcanoes and pushed our limits in the lava tunnels.
We like a lot of variety and we can walk for days on end. We love good weather and delicious food. And we love the atmosphere of ancient houses, hostels and luxury.
You can find all this in Island Hopping.

Which island suits you?
Gran Canaria has it all! Beaches, forests and mountains. Fuerteventura is desert with great beaches. Lanzarote is like a volcanic open-air museum. On El Hierro you will find friendliness and tranquility… Tenerife has it all…, La Gomera is green and a real walking island. And last but not least, La Palma the island which is called La Isla Bonita.

Island hopping at Canary-Hiking
We make sure that you will see all the unique places of the islands. A car is included with each trip. The boat trips are also included. We will coordinate a program for you in consultation with us. Do you want to drive around or a combination with a walk? End last but not least…., you will spend the night in unique accommodations that have received our approval.
Everything is possible at Canary Hiking

Why our package tours?

  • The research is already done for you!
  • Flexible to put together
  • And authentic and small-scale
  • Special places to stay
  • For the love of the islands
  • Island Hopping Volcanoes & Sand

    12 Days Ferry, car, Walking
  • La Gomera

    Island Hopping The Three Pearls

    14 Days Ferry, car, Walking, Airplane
  • Islandhopping Mountains & Bajada

    8 Days ferry, Car, Walking