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La Gomera

Everything you need to know about La Gomera

Pura Pasión

The beauty of La Gomera

The beautiful small island of La Gomera is less than an hour’s boat ride away. A Valhalla for hikers. Nice cozy towns with colored houses, or small villages with a small village center. Forests, with ascending or descending hiking trails. this island has everything for the walker.

Discover this island
San Sebastian, Valle Gran Rey, Vallehermoso, Hermigua. These are by far the nicest places on this island. Garajonay with views of the nearby islands of La Palma, Tenerife and El Hierro. Gran Canaria is visible even with clear weather.

Why La Gomera?

  • The research is already done for you!
  • Flexible to put together
  • And authentic and small-scale
  • Special places to stay
  • For the love of the islands

Discover La Gomera your way

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The difference

About La Gomera

La Gomera can be reached by ferry from Tenerife. La Gomera with the Garajonay park. A special feature of the park is the fog, which is more present in the winter than in the summer. In the center of the park is an ancient laurel forest. About 450 plants and tree species grow in the park. Alto de Jarajonay is with 1478 mt. the highest point of La Gomera.

Whistle on the island

On La Gomera you have the so-called whistling language. The Silbo Gomero (Gomeran flute), is a whistling language “spoken” by some inhabitants of the Canary Island. The language is used to communicate through the deep valleys (barrancos) that are found all over the island.

Multi-days trekking

De GR131 Camino Natural La Gomera

From Tenerife we ​​take the ferry to La Gomera to walk the GR131 from east to west within three days. Subsequently we continue for another two days to complete the loupe to San Sebastián again.

The GR131 La Gomera is the fifth island of the long distance route.

In the east of La Gomera in San Sebastian is the starting point of the GR131. A trek of 620km that goes over all the Canary Islands.
The accommodations have also been carefully selected here; small-scale and attractive. We spend the night in old fincas and casas rurales, and in a real mountain inn.

Difficulty Category ****
Highest point 1478 mt

This trek is quite tough with its altimeters. During the trip we spend the night in carefully selected accommodations. Usually these are double rooms with a private bathroom. Of course there is the possibility to get a single room for a supplement. Breakfast is provided.

The hiking pin of the GR131

GR131 wandelpinnen van Canary Hiking

Our unique hiking pin. Each island has its own color. You get this hiking pin when you complete the GR131 Camino Naturales on one of the seven islands. With a group tour you get this at the end of the trip. With an individual trip you take a stamp ticket with you that you have signed off at various locations. With this card you will receive your earned hiking pin. You are eligible for this if the trip is booked with Canary Hiking!


Each island has its own color. Did you walk the 630 km and save all the colors together? Then you will receive a unique pin from us!