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8 Days
Transfer, Luggage Transfer
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Individual Trekking
La Gomera-P5-1-1

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Special offer



This trek is specially made if you want to walk a not too strenuous trek on La Gomera!

6 – Day Trek Including Luggage Transfer!
You will be picked up from Tenerife Sur Airport and taken to La Gomera by ferry.
La Gomera is a true hiking paradise with varied landscapes. Centuries-old laurel forests alternate with rugged rocks and swaying palm trees, beaches and mountain villages. You walk around the island, of course also through the Garajonay nature reserve with the highest point at 1478 meters.

With this trek you will stay at 4 different accommodations during the week. Sometimes you take a circular walk, sometimes you move on to the next place. You walk over the tops of the island, so you don’t make as many altimeters as other treks.
This trip includes passenger transfers and crossing.

  • Trekking along special views
  • Alto de Garajonay
  • Special valleys
  • Nice beaches
  • Special overnight stays
  • Hiking island par excellence
  • The flute on La Gomera
  • Including luggage transport

1 | Arrival in San Sebastian
When you arrive at Tenerife airport, our transfer will take you to the port of Los Cristianos. The ferry will take you to La Gomera. In San Sebastián you will be transferred to your starting place Imada. Imada is a quiet and picturesque village nestled amongst natural landscapes offering a traditional rural atmosphere.

2 | Circular walk Imada
The walk starts in the charming village of Imada itself, where you can enjoy the traditional architecture and rural atmosphere. As you stroll through the narrow streets, admire the whitewashed houses and meet the locals.
After leaving the village, the hike will lead you through lush green landscapes surrounded by mountains and canyons. You will be amazed by the spectacular views and the peaceful atmosphere that the area offers. The route follows several well-marked trails that lead you through dense forests and along babbling brooks (Depends on the season). Along the way, you may also come across some traditional agricultural areas, where the Gomeran bananas grow. As you walk further, you can enjoy the sound of birds singing and the soothing rustling of the wind through the trees. The landscape is constantly changing, making every step interesting and unique.
During the walk you can also encounter some viewpoints, where you can stop to enjoy breathtaking panoramas over the valleys and mountains of La Gomera.
After a relaxing walk, you will eventually return to Imada where you can enjoy a refreshing drink at a local cafe or restaurant. You can also take the opportunity to taste the local gastronomy and enjoy traditional dishes.

Distance: 10km
Height difference: +690 up / -720 down

3 | Special trip

A walk from Imada to Alajero to Chipude offers wonderful opportunities to explore the natural beauty of La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands. From Imada you follow the hiking trail towards Alejero. You walk through lush green valleys, surrounded by mountains and cliffs. Along the way you may come across some traditional farmhouses and terraced fields, which are typical of the landscape of La Gomera.
From Alajero you continue your way to Chipude. This section of the walk offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance. You may also pass through some small hamlets and man-made irrigation canals known as “acequias”. After a few hours you will reach Chipude, a picturesque village nestled in a beautiful valley.

Also, make sure you bring enough water, snacks, and appropriate clothing for the hiking adventure and weather conditions.

Distance: 12.2 km
Height difference: +690 up / -450 down

4 | To the top!
The Circular Walk Chipude Alto de Garajonay is a popular hiking route on the Spanish island of La Gomera, which is part of the Canary Islands. This circular walk offers stunning views of the stunning natural beauty of Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the way you will pass through dense forests, lush vegetation and along impressive cliffs. The Garajonay National Park is known for its laurel forests, which form a unique ecosystem. These forests have a mystical atmosphere and are covered with moss, creating a fairytale landscape. After reaching Alto de Garajonay you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the island and the surrounding ocean. It is a great place to rest, take pictures and enjoy the serenity of nature. From Alto de Garajonay you descend to the village of El Cercado, known for its traditional ceramics. You can take a short break in El Cercado and visit the local artisan shops before returning to Chipude to complete the hike.

Distance: 15 km
Height difference: +470 up / -470 down

5 | Altitude meters enough

The walk from Chipude to Vallehermoso is a beautiful route on the Canary Island of La Gomera. It starts in  Chipude, from there the route leads you through lush forests, green valleys and breathtaking landscapes. The walk is about 12 kilometers long and takes an average of 4 to 5 hours, depending on your walking speed and stops along the way. The trail is fairly well marked. You will encounter several highlights along the way. You will hike through the beautiful Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its lush vegetation. You will also pass the impressive Roque Cano, an imposing rock formation that towers high above the landscape. As you walk further, the landscape changes and you get more and more views of the coast and the ocean. Finally you reach Vallehermoso, a charming town on the north coast of La Gomera. Here you can relax, enjoy a well-deserved meal and experience the local culture.

Distance: 14.5 km
Height difference: +260 up / -1160 down

6 | Beautiful, beautiful beautiful……..
The walk from Vallehermoso to Agulo is a beautiful tour on the island. This hike offers breathtaking views of the island’s lush landscape and dramatic cliffs. The tour starts in the picturesque town of Vallehermoso, located in a green valley surrounded by mountains. From here the route follows a winding path that goes up to the higher parts of the island. Along the way you will pass lush forests, where you can enjoy the shade of the trees and the singing of the birds. As you ascend, panoramic views of the ocean and the rugged coastline of La Gomera open up. The cliffs rise high from the sea, giving you a spectacular view of the power of the ocean. It’s a great place to take pictures and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature.

Finally, you will reach the charming town of Agulo, known for its quaint streets and traditional architecture. Here you can relax on a terrace and enjoy local dishes while overlooking the ocean. You stay here for two nights.

Distance: 14 km
Height difference: +770 up / -760 down

7 | Last but not least
The Mirador de Abrante is a well-known tourist attraction located on the island of La Gomera, in the Canary Islands, Spain. It is a vantage point with a privileged location that offers impressive panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the mountainous landscape of La Gomera and the nearby Roque Agando, an iconic rock formation of the island. The viewpoint has a unique architectural structure that has become an iconic symbol of La Gomera. The suspended glass walkway, stretching over a cliff, is one of the striking features of this place. In addition to the breathtaking view, the Mirador de Abrante also houses a restaurant that serves local dishes and typical regional dishes. Visitors can enjoy a meal or drink while marveling at the natural surroundings.

Distance: 6 km
Height difference: +490 up / -500 down

8 | Return trip
You will be transferred from Agulo to San Sebatian to take the ferry to Tenerife. There your transfer will be waiting to be taken to the airport.


  • The price is based on 2 persons
  • Travel time: 8 days
  • Comfortable accommodations most with breakfast
  • Return transfer airport Tenerife South – Port
  • Return ferry crossing
  • Transfers during the walking tour (if required)
  • Luggage transport!
  • Selfguided hike with GPX and script
  • Support by whatsapp
  • Travel guarantee STO Garant


  • Outward and return journey
  • All meals except breakfast
  • Booking costs €20.00
  • Single supplement €395.00
  • Return transfer airport Tenerife North
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Mountain sports insurance recommended

Our special accommodations

(Due to the small scale, accommodations can sometimes differ).


72 km



Up. D+

3370 m.

Down. D-


Can I help you?

Non-binding and personal. I would like to help you further, via e-mail, telephone or whatsapp button on the site. We are available 7 days a week. During the weekend it can take a few hours before you can get a response from me.

Additional information


1, Arrival at Tenerife South Airport and crossing to La Gomera

Arrival San Sebastian

When you arrive at our accommodation, you can recover from the flight and the ferry crossing on the first day. San Sebastián has a nice car-free center with shops and restaurants. While enjoying a drink you will receive an explanation about the journey, and you will receive the Goodie bag.

2, uphill

The start of stage no. 1 is immediately a tough start. We have to climb a lot, that's why we don't make many kilometers this day. When we have arrived at altitude, we can treat ourselves to a cooling drink at the restaurant. We will return to San Sebastian with a transfer.

3, The mid-mountain range
In the morning, after leaving our accommodation, we go with a transfer to the place where we ended. We continue our journey on a very beautiful part of the GR131 on La Gomera. Don't forget your camera! We walk to the highest point Alto Garajonay. In the afternoon we arrive in Chipude. A small village with a real mountain hotel.

4, The last leg of this GR131
Today the first part goes up and down alternately. Until we enter the Garajonay nature reserve in the middle of the island. From then on, the trail takes us mostly downhill. Finally we have a beautiful view over the valley with the matching name Vallehermoso, 'beautiful valley'. The descent starts and we walk to our final destination of this GR131. A short GR131 but one of the most beautiful routes. La Gomera is the perfect walking island for a reason.

5, We Stay in Vallehermoso
Today we transfer to a hiking area to take a short walk. We also go to Miel de la Palma, where we are informed about the flowers, bees and honey on La Palma.

6, Hike from Vallehermoso
Day 6 and last day we go for a very nice walk through one of the valleys. This walk is tailored to the group.

7, Back to San Sebastian
Back to San Sebastian where we board the Ferry to spend our last night in Tenerife.


Airport, Luggage, to accommodations when necessary


Organized Hikingtrip over 40 km (extra 2 hikes)
Accommodations with Breakfast
Lugagetransfer and service for supermarket
Buff and Bottle
STO Guaranty


Travel and cancellation insurance
All meals except breakfast
€ 20,00 booking fee
Possible single room supplement (€195.00)


Intensive experience
Lots of freedom
small scale
Away from the crowd
We support the local people


If you don't like to travel with a group, it is of course possible to walk on your own.
If you want to walk this trip individually, take a look at the package tours GR131 Individual.

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