12 Days hikingtrip Camino Naturales GR131 Tenerife & La Gomera


The GR131 Tenerife,

Tenerife, is the fourth island of the GR131. Within 5 days we walk from the north to the south of Tenerife. The Teide is the largest volcano of the islands and is the center of the route with a height of 3718 meters. This volcano is considered dormant, but new eruptions are not ruled out. This is not climbed during the tour. We walk past it and look at the spectacular views. The route consists of many trees such as conifers, Eucalyptus and Laurel trees. The GR 131 route on Tenerife is a beautiful trip where you will hardly meet anyone, except in the vicinity of El Parador and El Portillo.
Villaflor is the highest village in Spain at 1500 meters altitude, just below the tree line. Once above the tree line you imagine yourself in a beautiful moonscape. Most of the clouds hang in the north, held back by the Teide, making the south sunnier. This island has an enormous diversity in the landscape. Highly recommended! Almost half of the island is a protected nature reserve. These include the Teide National Park, the La Esperanza Pine Forest and the Anaga Mountains. In Anaga, part of the forests consists of laurel trees. The Laurisilva is a dense forest in which mainly laurels and ferns can be found.

The GR131 La Gomera,
La Gomera is the fifth island of the GR131. From Tenerife we ​​take a ferry to La Gomera to walk there from east to west within three days. We walk in the middle of the island through the Garajonay nature reserve with the highest point 1478 meters. About 450 plants and tree species grow in the park. A special feature of the park is the fog, which is more present in the winter than in the summer. In the center of the park is an ancient laurel forest.
On La Gomera you have the so-called whistle language. The Silbo Gomero (Gomeran flute) is a flute language “spoken” by some residents of the Canary Island of La Gomera. The language serves to communicate through the deep valleys (barrancos) that occur throughout the island.

With a select group of about 10 people we walk across these beautiful islands in 12 days. From North to South Tenerife, from La Esperanza to Arona. The route is approximately 80 kilometers long. However, some condition is recommended. On La Gomera we leave from San Sebastián in the east to Valhermoso in the west over a length of 40 km. There are quite a few altimeters to overcome here.

The 12-day trip consists of carefully selected accommodations, based on a double room, and usually a private bathroom, with breakfast. Of course there is the possibility to get a single room for a surcharge.Do you like to go on adventurous hiking trips, and does this island appeal to you? Then join us this year!


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12 days
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Week tour
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1, Arrive at Tenerife South Airport.

You will be picked up on arrival at the airport (South). We then drive to La Laguna which is located in the north of Tenerife. It is also possible to fly directly to Tenerife North. We get to know the group while enjoying a drink. You will receive your stainless steel drinking bottle and your hiking scarf here. We spend the night in a nice accommodation, with breakfast. There is a supermarket if you want to take food and drinks for the next day. Do this because the first day is a hard day without encountering a restaurant or supermarket. We depart from La Esperanza.

2, Departure La Esperanza to Presa de Aguamansa – 27 km

From La Esperanza we walk to Aguamansa via the Las Lagunetas nature reserve. Pine forests on the mountain tops, the dizzying crags. Today we ascend to 1748 meters. A spectacular walk up.

3, Departure from Aguamansa Portillo – 17km.

We climb here to above 2000 meters. Because there are no accommodations here, you will be picked up and transported to our location, and then leave from this point again the next day.

4, Portillo to Villaflor – 25 km

After breakfast we leave with plenty of water and eat in our backpack from El Portillo. The first few kilometers are flat, and we see before us the climb we still have to do. This is the final obstacle. After we have reached the top at 2424 meters, a very long descent follows to Villaflor. Walking uphill is pretty tough, but a steep descent is just as tough. In Villaflor there is our accommodation and a restaurant where we can eat and drink. And those who need a wellness can fill the evening with this.

5, Departure from Villaflor to Arona – 15 km

The last leg of this journey is mostly downhill to Arona. The end point of our trip in Tenerife. From here you will be transported to Los Cristianos to have a rest. We stay here an extra day to rest before we leave with the Ferry to La Gomera.

6, Los Cristianos rest day
Have a nice rest. go to the beach or rather on the boulevard?

7, To the Ferry (8km)
Early in the morning our Ferry departs to San Sebastián on the island of La Gomera. We check in at the accommodation and leave our belongings behind. With a daypack we start our first stage on La Gomera.
A decent climb awaits us. We have spectacular views over the Garajonay valley. You will be picked up on the route and taken back to San Sebastian.

8, The second stage of La Gomera (17km)

The second day and also the most beautiful day! Here we pass the highest point Alto de Garajonay. A very varied trip.
We stay in our accommodation Chipude.

9, Downhill to Vallehermoso (16km)
The third day is less arduous because we walk downhill to our final destination Vallehermoso. We walk slowly downhill to an altitude of 200m via the most beautiful valley of the island to the town of Vallehermoso. Also the end point of our journey.
We go with a transfer to the place Valle Gran Rey to spend our last days there.

10 & 11, Valle Gran Rey to Tenerife

Valle Gran Rey is the place where we stay the last days.
Day 11 we go back by ferry to Tenerife in the evening, and have our last night.

12, End of the journey
You will be taken to the airport from the accommodation.

Information about the return journey
If you have booked the 12-day trip, you will be dropped off at the airport. There is a possibility to fly back from La Gomera. If you want to stay a few extra days, there is a bus connection from Los Cristianos to Tenerife South Airport. Of course you can also take a taxi.


Airport, Luggage, to accommodations when necessary


Organized Hikingtrip over 128 km
Accommodations with Breakfast
Lugagetransfer and service for supermarket
Buff and Bottle
STO Guaranty


Travel and cancellation insurance
All meals except breakfast
€ 20,00 booking fee
Possible single room supplement (€195.00)


Intensive experience
Lots of freedom
small scale
Away from the crowd
We support the local people


If you don't like to travel with a group, it is of course possible to walk on your own.
If you want to walk this trip individually, take a look at the package tours GR131 Individual.

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