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La Palma

Everything you need to know about La Palma

Pura Pasión

The beauty of La Palma

The best of La Palma

The very versatile La Palma has: sea, beaches, forests, waterfalls, high mountains, volcanoes, deep gorges, quiet villages, cozy towns and a unique view of the starry sky.
In 2002 the whole of La Palma was declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The high ridge that catches a lot of clouds, causing precipitation and drought, determines the different types of weather on the island; the west is wetter, the east is drier.
You will not find mass tourism here with noisy bars, but restaurants and local cafes with Spanish music. This island attracts people who have a heart for nature and culture, and especially hikers. The hiking trails are in order! You can go here for short and long walks. Do you want to do challenging walks? Then this is your island! La Palma rises from the sea to an altitude of 2425 meters!

Why La Palma?

  • The research is already done for you!
  • Flexible to put together
  • And authentic and small-scale
  • Special places to stay
  • For the love of the islands

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The difference

About La Palma

The greenest member of the Canary Islands is irresistible. Green? Yes, because the volcanic mountain range Cumbre Vieja provides very fertile soil. And that leads to an exuberant botanical vegetation. From cacti and citrus trees to banana bunches and grape vines. La Palma therefore turns every walk into a sizzling nature festival. From your attractive accommodation you will discover the stars, pirate bays, unique forests and atmospheric terraces with the most delicious Canarian snacks. Pura passion.

Green pearl
The island is called the green pearl of the Canary Islands. Rightly so. During your walks on ‘La Isla Bonita’ you will discover magnificent volcanic landscapes, subtropical forests, unique vegetation, wide landscapes and even tobacco plantations and vineyards. The Caldera de Taburiente National Park contains the largest erosion crater in the world. The top – the Roque de los Muchachos – promises the most fantastic views. That is also allowed if you are at an altitude of more than 2,400 meters. You feel like royalty.

Multi-days trekking

De GR131 Camino Natural La Palma

During one of the beautiful walks you can hear a fellow traveler humming softly: “Tropical the island breeze, all of nature wild and free. This is where I long to be; La Isla Bonita…” And yes, that’s what Madonna once sang about. About an island with white and soft pink painted shops, about eateries with cozy terraces, about swaying palms, an abundance of banana trees and much more green vegetation, about a blue bay and an impressive volcanic landscape.

The GR131 La Palma is the sixth island of the long-distance route

This trip provides an alternative to the original GR131 route from La Palma. Due to the extreme circumstances, we are taking an alternative route for the group tours. Part of the GR131 and part of the GR130.

Difficulty Category *****
Highest point 2426 mt

From the top of Los Muchachos we turn to Santa Cruz, to then take on GR130 for 2 days. We avoid a part of the route where there are no facilities. No fresh water, no roads and no drinking & eating facilities.

The hiking pin of the GR131

GR131 wandelpinnen van Canary Hiking

Our unique hiking pin. Each island has its own color. You get this hiking pin when you complete the GR131 Camino Naturales on one of the seven islands. With a group tour you get this at the end of the trip. With an individual trip you take a stamp ticket with you that you have signed off at various locations. With this card you will receive your earned hiking pin. You are eligible for this if the trip is booked with Canary Hiking!


Each island has its own color. Did you walk the 630 km and save all the colors together? Then you will receive a unique pin from us!