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About Fuerteventura

Everything you need to know about About Fuerteventura

Pura Pasión

The beauty of Fuerteventura

Rugged & Desolate

If you like ‘a bit different’, you will love Fuerteventura! This is a special Spanish island with contrasts: rugged rocky coasts and Spain’s most beautiful endless white sandy beaches with turquoise waters. An island with countless dormant volcanoes and equally sleepy picturesque villages. An island with undiscovered deserted valleys between imposing mountains.

Fuerteventura is the oldest of the Canary Islands with an estimated age of 20 million years. It is little overgrown, rough and desolate. And yet… for those who want to see it, the island reveals its hidden beauty… and for those who want to hear it… this ancient island whispers in the silence. Do you want to discover it?

Why Fuerteventura?

  • The research is already done for you!
  • Flexible to put together
  • And authentic and small-scale
  • Special places to stay
  • For the love of the islands

Discover Fuerteventura your way

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Activities Fuerteventura

The difference

Trekking, package tours or a fun activity!

There is plenty to do on Fuerteventura. And luckily it is still very authentic. Fuerteventura has the most beautiful beaches of the Canary archipelago. A rich history, and many secret places. Because Fuerteventura is the second island of the GR131, we offer this both in a group and individually as a trek. In addition to this trek, there are also the package tours. Beautifully composed trips that can be booked individually. We try to keep everything authentic as much as possible. The package tours consist of walking tours, but also tours with a car.
We also like to keep the activities basic with respect for nature, but special! A walk with goats, a day walk to the west coast with beautiful legends, or a day tour along local farmers who make delicious indigenous cheeses, olive oil or jam in the traditional way?
Or would you like a horseback ride along the cliffs at sunset over the sea?

Multi-day trekking

De GR131 Camino Natural Fuerteventura

What will you see when you walk across this beautiful island? It’s a varied trip! You start the trip on the small wonderful island of Los Lobos. You walk between the volcanoes to the ancient Betancuria mountains. Here you feel small in the immense nature. After a tough trip through the Cardón Mountains, you will arrive satisfied at the wild west coast, where a cooling swimming pool awaits you. It is now only a short walk to the quieter east coast with extensive beaches on a turquoise sea that seems to never end. Eventually you end up at the lighthouse in the far south. Along the way you will stay in special nice cozy accommodations that have been carefully selected by us.

The GR131 Fuerteventura is the second island of the long distance route

In the north of Fuerteventura in Corralejo is the starting point of this tour. A trek of 620 km that goes over all the Canary Islands.
The accommodations have also been carefully selected here; small-scale and attractive. We spend the night in old fincas and casas rurales, far away from mass tourism.

Difficulty Category ***
Highest point 634 mt

The trip is not extremely difficult but does require some fitness; every day we walk an average of 20 kilometers on unpaved paths in desolate and rough landscapes. Fuerteventura is about 160 km long with not too high mountains. Nevertheless, there are still 1567 altimeters to bridge.

The hiking pin of the GR131

Our unique hiking pin. Each island has its own color. You get this hiking pin when you complete the GR131 Camino Naturales on one of the seven islands. With a group tour you get this at the end of the trip. With an individual trip you take a stamp ticket with you that you have signed off at various locations. With this card you will receive your earned hiking pin. You are eligible for this if the trip is booked with Canary Hiking!


Each island has its own color. Did you walk the 630 km and save all the colors together? Then you will receive a unique pin from us!