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About El Hierro

Everything you need to know about About El Hierro

Pura Pasión

The beauty of El Hierro

El Hierro is the westernmost and smallest inhabited island of the Canary Islands. An authentic paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the poor accessibility, there is relatively little tourism. The subtropical climate, with an average temperature of 18 degrees in winter and 23 degrees in summer, makes it an ideal destination for you if you enjoy an active walking holiday in unspoilt, versatile nature.

Discover this island

It consists of a very mountainous, volcanic landscape with the highest point being the Pico de Malpaso at 1500m. On the volcano slopes you will find pine forests and unique juniper forests in remarkable wind-turned shapes, as well as lava fields that make the landscape dry and rugged. The island merges into the sea via high cliffs and natural pools.

Why El Hierro?

  • The research is already done for you!
  • Flexible to put together
  • And authentic and small-scale
  • Special places to stay
  • For the love of the islands

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About El Hierro

Life in El Hierro is authentic and unique. It has only 11,150 inhabitants (2019) who mainly work in agriculture, fishing and old crafts on an area of ​​268 m2. People still live in the rhythm of nature, which has preserved the soul of the island in terms of traditions and culture. There is no big industry. The island runs on 65% green energy. Since the year 2000, the island has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of the special preserved nature and culture.
El Hierro is also known for its unique underwater world. There are more than 25 dive zones with a visibility of up to 40 meters, leading to caves, shipwrecks and lava tunnels.

It’s an island to discover!

Multi-days trekking

De GR131 Camino Natural El Hierro

El Hierro, an island with a soul! We are going to take you to feel this soul. El Hierro is the smallest island, and last of this archipelago. We go back 40 years in time. Authentic, relaxing, no crime, helpful and very nice people. This island does not want mass tourism but small scale.
The 2 day route of the GR131 must also be respected. And we’re going to do this! It is a route of the people and every 4 years the whole island comes together to make this journey on foot. Young old, everyone is going to do this trip from the south to the north in one day. Called “La Bajada”

The GR131 El Hierro is part of the long distance route.

We will walk this route in 2 days with a small group. In other words, the last remnants of the GR131, and with respect for the islanders. incl. guide who knows everything about this trip “El Camino de la Virgen”.

Difficulty Category **
Highest point 1500 mt

In addition, we have two beautiful walks with a guide on the program, and a visit to a bodega. You will experience a wonderful journey and come back completely de-stressed.

The hiking pin of the GR131

Our unique hiking pin. Each island has its own color. You get this hiking pin when you complete the GR131 Camino Naturales on one of the seven islands. With a group tour you get this at the end of the trip. With an individual trip you take a stamp ticket with you that you have signed off at various locations. With this card you will receive your earned hiking pin. You are eligible for this if the trip is booked with Canary Hiking!


Each island has its own color. Did you walk the 630 km and save all the colors together? Then you will receive a unique pin from us!